We offer one-way camper emails (campers do not have access to email a reply) to weeklong campers at Ox Lake, Luther Dell and Camp Wapo.

If you wish to send an email to your child, you must purchase an email package through your registration account. Here’s how to do it: log into your registration account, select “View Itineraries and Completed Registrations”, then select the child you wish to send emails to. (Note: If you have multiple children attending, you will need to purchase separate packages for each child). Under the Camp Services section, select “Send Emails”. At this point, you can select the package you desire. The package cost will be added to your registration balance owed, and not deducted from your camper’s store account like in previous years. Once you’ve selected the package, you will also have the opportunity to invite friends and family to use that package to send messages to your camper. For your camper’s security, only people you invite will be able to send messages to your child. There will be no refunds for unused emails. Emails are printed once daily, and the service is available up until 5:00 pm on Thursdays.