Be a Swamper at
Wilderness Canoe Base!

Are you between the ages of 15 and 19, and interested in spending an extended amount of time at Wilderness Canoe Base? Do you have a love for the outdoors, for working with children, for working hard, and for spending time in a faith-based community? Do you have a desire to learn more about what it is like to work at Wilderness Canoe Base, to have faith conversations with other Wilderness Canoe Base staff and guests, to learn the power of living in community, and to gain new skills and experiences?

Wilderness Canoe Base has a long history of the Swamper program that offers young people an opportunity to volunteer at Wilderness Canoe Base. The Swamper program strives to provide an experience for high schoolers to see all of the different parts of camp – from working in the kitchen, to helping on the maintenance team, to helping with cleaning and hospitality, to helping with trip packing and preparation, to helping on canoe trips, to participating in and facilitating worship and other programming. Swampers have the opportunity to shadow a variety of staff members to learn more about each of the roles that makes camp run smoothly. They are given opportunities to assist staff with a wide range of duties and may move on to work independently on age-appropriate tasks and projects that fit within the swamper’s skill set and interests.

In addition to getting hands on experience at Wilderness Canoe Base and having an opportunity to live in community with other wonderful young people, the Swamper program is also a ‘Counselor in Training’ opportunity to gain skills and expertise that helps to prepare Swampers for future work. Swampers have an opportunity to learn about time management, how to lead small and large groups, are given opportunities to practice public speaking, and are able to practice articulating their faith.

While the work isn’t always easy, the payoff for this experience is immeasurable. If you are a high schooler (or if you know a high schooler) who is looking for a transformational opportunity in the outdoors to learn and grow as an individual and within a faith-based community, consider applying to the Swamper program today!

Swamper Timeline and Logistics

January 1-May 1: Swamper Application and Interviews

June 14-August 9: Opportunity for Swamper to participate in Wilderness Canoe Base summer program

Arrival and Departure Dates: Swamper arrivals are possible on each Saturday of the summer season (unless a different day has been coordinated with the Director ahead of time). Departures at the end of the Swamping period is also on Saturdays (unless a different day has been coordinated with the Director ahead of time).

Length of Stay: Wilderness Canoe Base desires that each Swamper stay at least 2 consecutive weeks. This provides the Swamper with the best opportunity to experience all of the facets of camp, and also provides the best opportunity to go on trail during their time as a Swamper.

Cost: $100 per week*. Included in this registration fee is housing and meals throughout the entirety of the Swamper’s stay.

*Lake Wapogasset Lutheran Bible Camp offers scholarships for those in need. For more information, please ask the Director of Wilderness Canoe Base during application or in the interview.

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Wilderness Canoe Base

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