Wilderness Employment

Wilderness Canoe Base is a Christian community who seeks to serve groups from all social, economic and cultural backgrounds. Bearing this in mind, staff members should be Christian men and women who:

  • Are open to sharing their faith through words and actions.
  • Refrain from judgment as they listen to others share their faith stories.
  • Will commit themselves to reading the scriptures and prayer on a daily basis.
  • Are committed to struggling against and refraining from destructive lifestyles understanding the brokenness of human sin.
  • Recognize that parents have entrusted their children to us for one week of safe wilderness experiences and Christ centered leadership.
  • Have hearts longing to serve and love others in a pristine and rustic wilderness.
  • Aren’t afraid to work hard and get dirty doing it.

Wilderness Canoe Base is located in the wilderness of northern Minnesota where motor vehicles do not operate, therefore supplies must be carried from boat landing over trails, and most are rocky trails, to their needed location. All WCB staff will be required to team together to move these supplies, often times these are heavy loads.


Staff training begins Memorial Day weekend and continues for a period of two weeks. During that time you will be given opportunities to complete certain requirements such as; CPR, Wilderness First Aid and Wilderness Water Safety.

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