Boat-in Worship 7/2

July 02

Join us for Worship...all are welcome!  Our speaker for July 2 is Gaylen Paulson. Here's a little info about Gaylen...

Gaylen and his wife Kristin have been coming to lake Wapo and the Wapo Bible Camp since they started dating 30 years ago!  

They have three kids, Fredericka 17, Camden 14 and Cooper 10.  Freddie is heading off to University of Chicago this fall.  Their kids have grown up on Lake Wapo, having spent every summer of their lives and Christmas vacation, on the lake.  They spend the rest of the year in Austin, TX escaping the bitter cold but missing the excitement of the seasons and snow.  

Fun fact - when they head back to Austin this fall they will be moving into a homeless community and living in a a tiny home with their two boys.  

Start Date: July 02, 2017 to July 02, 2017
Start Time: 9:20am
Location: Camp Wapo Beach